HRI Reading Group

HRI Reading Group


This is a bi-weekly reading group led by the Foundations of Computational Linguistics group. Participation is open for interested students and researchers, please contact

The broad topic of this reading group is HRI & Language: we want to get an overview of the HRI literature that relates to dialogue and the use of language as main means for interaction.


Day and time: We meet every other Tuesday, 1-2 pm, odd weeks (alternating with the NLP Pragmatics reading group).

Place: We meet in the meeting room in II.14.2 (Golm, building 14, 2nd floor). If the weather is nice, we may decide to go outside by the library.


  • Everyone is expected to have read the week's readings. In addition, the background readings may be of help for context.

  • Bring notes about reviewing aspects of what you have read: How would you summarise the paper? What are the strengths and weaknesses? What are possible limitations that the authors might not have mentioned?